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How to setup ticket personalization
How to setup ticket personalization

Personalizing tickets and getting attendee lists

Updated over a week ago

Personalization is more important then ever in times of COVID-19. Authorities in different countries allow event organizers to play in front of visitors only by keeping a list of participants/visitors.

keyper already personalized every ticket, but only for the owner/user of the ticket. However, we saw that people sometimes cannot pass on their tickets because of the other person not being able to receive them (they have no smartphone, email address, ...). That´s why it´s now possible to personalize every ticket within the app.


First please ensure that you have set up a privacy policy in your organization settings (Settings -> Profile).

Then go to Settings -> Tickets and check "Require ticket personalization".

In the opening window you have to configure all the required personalization sections and fields.

A personalization section is used for visually grouping fields (e.g. personal data, communication channels, etc.). At least one section has to be set-up.

Furthermore you can choose wheter or not to delete the data automatically after the event. Please note the legal requirements in your country in this regard.

After setting up a section you can choose from on of the standard fields or your own custom fields.

Next you have to open your event list ("Events" menu) and select an event for which you want to personalize tickets.

On the right side you can now click on the settings icon to enable the personalization for this specific event.
Note: this can also be done using the keyper API. For more information please visit or contact us.

By doing so you see a "Visitor-List" button appearing. Here you can download the list of all attendeed that personalized their ticket for the event. (Attention: every access to this list is logged for data protection reasons.)

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