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Teamleader Integration

Send tickets to your contacts by connecting your keyper business account with Teamleader

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Managing your contacts in the keyper business platform is quite easy. Just enter them manually or upload a list of contacts and you´re ready to go.

However, it is quite painful to do if you already have all your contacts in your Teamleader CRM system. You would have to keep your contacts manually in sync with the keyper platform in order to always use your up-to-date contact data.

That´s why we are happy to provide you a better solution: by connecting your Teamleader account to our platform you automatically see all the contacts from your CRM system when sending tickets.
Furthermore, your contacts never leave your CRM system, we only read them when you are sending tickets and never synchronize them to our platform.

Getting started

1. Open keyper business platform and log in

To connect your Teamleader CRM to the keyper platform please start with opening the business web-app (either on your custom domain, or here).

Next log in with the user you want to connect with.

2. Select organzation

If you are in the team of multiple organizations, please select the desired organization in the top left menu. Otherwise you can skip this step.

3. Navigate to connection page

Select Tickets (1.) in the menu bar and click on Contacts (2.).

Next click on the setting icon next to Add contacts.

On the next page please click on Connect below Teamleader.

4. Connect to Teamleader

Now you have to login an Teamleader and grant the required permissions to our app.

Please note, that by not allowing keyper to access your contacts the connection will fail as we are not able to read data from your CRM system.

After the connection succeeded you are redirected to the screen above and see your connection state. Now you are ready to send tickets to your Teamleader contacts.

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